$360 million for a teddy bear. It’s the thought that counts.

Hallmark Cards are without a doubt the world standard in greetings cards.

The term “Hallmark moment” has entered the lexicon and chances are at some point this year, you will venture in to one of their many brightly lit; very welcoming stores and buy a folded piece of paper with an image and some text printed on it. It’s the ‘done thing’ as they say…

The best part (for Hallmark is anyway) is they don’t own the rights to any of the holidays, occasions or seasons that they make cards for. They didn’t invent Christmas; they didn’t copyright Valentine’s Day; there was no meeting where some be-suited Hallmark executive had the idea to celebrate the day you were born.

And yet despite this; the next time the receptionist at work is expecting her first child, or you’re wife’s cousin’s son passes his driving test, well…

Better go to Hallmark

The point is that not all fortunes come from physical objects like oil and gold. Yes, Hallmark take great care and work exceptionally hard creating the many cards and gifts they sell; but (and I will go in to more detail on this site soon on this point) some of the all-time greatest products and services are based on an idea or an ethos and not on the product or service itself.

Ever been in a Build a Bear store? They sell teddy bears and teddy bear related accessories. They made $362,000,000 last year! That’s because (and if you’ve ever been dragged in to one of their stores by an excited toddler, you’ll know what I mean here) they don’t just sell teddy bears

Their staff are handpicked for their manner with children (old and young alike) the entire store is a wonderland that is pure uninterrupted happiness and fun from the minute they open until 5 minutes after they close…

You can buy a teddy bear at a petrol station if you want to but Build a Bear don’t sell teddy bearsThey sell Build a Bear. Hallmark doesn’t sell Birthday cards or Valentine day cards. They sell you on the idea that when you need a folded piece of paper with an image and some text printed on it, well…

Better go to Hallmark

So when you ask “will this product sell?” or “should I try this new system?” I’d only ask you to consider this. In the 60 seconds it would take me to explain why you should, another $700 worth of teddy bears were sold… In the time it takes you to read this article, Hall mark will have made another $36,000.

So, what’s your next Hallmark going to be?



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