Born into a military family, there was no shortage of fun in my childhood. My farther served 30 years in the Royal tank regiment and my brother joined the Royal engineers from ending school. As a family we moved often because of my dad’s career, but always with the same people so I grew up and went to many schools with the same children.

I learned through those years many things which have stayed with me through my life, discipline, respect, morals and most of all gained a great amount of knowledge. My weekends were full of excitement and hands on, imagine on a Saturday morning going for rides on tanks or armoured vehicles, but strangely i never joined the services.

I left school at 16 with decent qualifications, straight into my dad’s business which was very physical indeed and it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I started to understand that it would be better to use my mind and skills than my muscles. You see i had gained along the way knowledge. I talk about this in my blog. So I swapped a boiler suit for a shirt and tie and went to work. Sales and marketing and financial services.

I spent many years just eanring a crust, traveling around the world and seeing some amazing places and meeting some amazing people,  looking for something to become a passion, after many jobs and experiences i became a teacher, not in the state system but private, I spent 7 years in east Slovakia teaching teenagers and helping them get better lives through the english language. I came back to the UK 5 years ago and decided to change my track and pursued one of my hobbies, driving. I decided to drive the biggest trucks I could and pass every licence available in the UK, so now I have and now I can. I guess the moral here is you can do anything if you want to and if you put your mind into it.

I have now picked up from where I started 30 yrs ago, the internet and still believe that the computer and the internet is the future, not just now, but the future. I finally found my passion. Trust and integrity is a basic trait for me, so I have know about internet marketing for a long time, so I decided to search out someone with all these traits, John Thornhill fit this ask and he was recommended to me by a very successful entrepreneur, so I have joined him and his programme, which is called the Partnership to Success, it’s going great and im more than happy, the future of my new venture is in my hands, but, with John’s help and mentoring i have a feeling this will be amazing.

So please go read my blog, here I will tell you why and more important why now, and don’t forget about how Knowledge made my decision very easy.

Thanks for reading a little about me, I hope to get to know you to.