Everybody remembers their first time !

Mine was with a Motorola

The biggest tech industry story of the week isn’t the release of the Nintendo Switch console. It’s not a new premium handset from Samsung or Apple. No, the biggest story in the digital world now, is the re-release of the Nokia 3310.

First released in 2000, long before cameras or GPS or even colour screens where standard fare for phones the 3310 was the iPhone of its day. The biggest question that tech writers are asking themselves now is what or who is this reincarnation of an iconic device is being aimed at.

There’s the ‘festival phone’ market. Those who want to leave their Galaxy S7’s at home rather than risk dropping them in a porta potty in a field in Devon. Or the ‘grey market’ perhaps. Older users seeking simple text and talk handsets. Perhaps it is aimed at the developing territories like India or African countries…The smart thing is, they still make phone calls.

Whilst it’s obvious why HMD Global, the Chinese company behind this new-old phone are probably hoping to repeat the success of the original (and with sales of over 125 million units worldwide it’s not hard to see why) I’d argue that what the people buying this $49.00 phone hope to achieve is even more difficult, and perhaps even impossible from something as simple as a phone purchase. They’re trying to rekindle a feeling…

That feeling we all had at one point in our lives. Anything was possible, we could take on any task, climb any mountain and still go partying on Friday night come rain or come shine. Sleep? Sleep was for quitters!

Where did it go?

Probably the same place your old Nokia went once you were done with it. In a drawer, gathering dust. Not a literal drawer of course. This isn’t the Wizard of Oz, no one can reach in a sack and gift you courage or a heart or brain; but a metaphorical drawer. The one we put all our hopes and dreams in once they become outdated or surplus to our requirements.

“I wanted to learn piano, but then I had the kids and well…” that’s in the drawer

“I was going to go to night school but my job is just so…” that’s in there too

“I was going to be happy and contented but…” that drawer is getting pretty full now isn’t it?

Spring is almost upon us again. Maybe now is the time to finally open that drawer? And be sure that you do. If you don’t do it soon, one day you may find it’s so full you can’t open it. And you better have a root around the garage, you might just find a phone holder for your car in there that you can screw to your dash board.

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