Fight to the Death – Facebook did.

Stop trying to be the next Facebook. The world already has one of those. We can all aim higher than “also ran”

For that matter, as truly inspiring as Dr King was; he was in a fight to the death to secure liberties for his people. We’re not! The next ten years can be a lot easier than the last, if we have the presence of mind to remember where the forks in the road take us.

I said a moment ago that you weren’t asking the right questions. So I’ll ask the only question you need to ask. Use as many of those 5126400 minutes as you need to answer it but DO answer it.

Why? Why didn’t you ask that girl or guy out? Why didn’t you pick up that stock? I know what you’re going to say

“The timing wasn’t right”

Wrong answer! It’s always 2004 for someone and those times you passed on those opportunities you chose to be somewhere other than whatever your own version of a dorm at Harvard University was.

“I didn’t think I could do it”

Wrong answer! You think asking a person out for a drink or picking up a few hundred shares is too difficult? Try walking from Selma to Montgomery when the only water you had was been being shot at you from cannons!

Here’s the real answer to the question. The only answer that counts and is true for all of us. And the best part people? It’s only going to take 1 of those 5126400 minutes I gave you at the start to fix it…

You were scared. It’s that simple. You let your dream girl or guy get away because you were scared they’d say no. Maybe part of you was scared they’d say yes. So you said nothing.

You passed up on that stock because you didn’t have the courage to try. Fear got to you here, fear is what is keeping you here.

And that’s what you can change, now, today, in 1/60th of 1/24th of 1/365th of 1/10th of those precious all important years. You, only you, can decide to stop being scared. Stop letting the past dictate your future.

If you think I’m wrong stop reading this article. Leave this site and go back to watching re-runs of Cheers on Netflix. You won’t learn anything but you’ll be no worse off than you are now. But, if you would really like to change your situation and your life. Then come back again to my blog. You may be surprised.

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