Some people say that ‘knowledge is everything’, are the right? In my opinion they are. You have heard the saying ‘that a little knowledge is dangerous’, true, so what lies between the two sayings.

We spend a life time accumulating knowledge, it exists in everything we do from childhood to adulthood, it shapes who we become, our family world and who are friends are, it determines what work we do and how much money we have or could have.

Some people don’t even realise how much knowledge they have, or how to use it. I was one of these people, but it was worth the wait for me. It is a tremendous feeling having strived for most of my life, that it is now clear and evident, that I have now found my passion and I believe I have the necessary knowledge to set me free.

Don’t get me wrong I like money, but happiness is more important, I get great satisfaction in helping others, having good values, ethics and honesty go without saying, all these things are a positive effect of knowledge.

I am happy with my life and now I have put myself in a position to help others and follow my passion at the same time, I hope in the coming months to help you discover that your knowledge can help you to, maybe make a difference to your life.

I will discuss this more in my next blog post, so feel free to come back and Visit Rob, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on this subject.