Push, Instead of Pull.

Push, Instead of Pull.

Did you ever have one of those days?

Your mind is on other things and not quite concentrating on the task in hand, maybe day dreaming.

It happens to us all sometimes, just last week I was in town, shooting around a few places, shopping and visiting the bank, I walked up to the glass entrance door and made a split second decision that it was a push to go in door, I came to an abrupt halt and shouldering into that glass door, haha, we always laugh when we see other people do that huh?

So when I took a step back, guess what, that lovely green sign saying PUSH, was right there on that door. Yes, a smile came to my face, I also looked around to see if anyone had noticed what I had done, I don’t think anyone did, but you can never be sure, I pulled open the door, entered the bank and carried on with by business in hand.

Why am I writing about this?

Sometimes in life we don’t see the obvious, doors can open as well as close, opportunities can pass us by if we are at that time, not concentrating on what we can see. I was again in such a position a while ago and decided to take a closer look, I discovered something that ticked all my box’s and made me smile. I was introduced to a guy who I had watched for a long time. One of my passion’s in life is forex currency trading and a guy I know well, who manages hedge funds for clients, introduced me to John Thornhill, He is a network marketing genius and one of his most successful programmes is the Partnership to success. I am now one of his students, yes, I joined his programme. Just normal people like me are following the programme and taking that opportunity to enhance their lives.

Here is a link for you to check it out for yourself. The Partnership to Success programme

I hope you choose to open this door the right way, just like I did.

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