“Which one is the ANY KEY?”

How one bad move can ruin your day; and one good one can change your life…

You’ll no doubt have heard (or possibly even been affected by) the recent outage at AWS (Amazon Web Services) that just this week saw thousands of websites and apps fail for a number of hours (remember, tech companies deal in Nano seconds, so hours means millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity)

The alleged culprit wasn’t an unfriendly foreign government, hell-bent on sabotaging Amazon or its millions of users worldwide. It wasn’t a rogue server that had gained sentience and for some reason wanted to introduce itself to the world by stopping your grandmother checking her Yahoo email account.

No, the culprit was a programmer having a bad day…

Now I really hope Amazon don’t go too hard on that programmer because history is full of people making innocent errors on the job and seeing the whole house of cards come crashing down. Whole books have been written on this subject.

But what about the other end of the scale? What about those who were just going about their day only to stumble upon a world-changing discovery?

You have Richard James. The US Navy engineer who was only trying to find a use for springs on board ships and accidentally invented the “The Slinky”

And we have Wilson Greatbatch who thought he’d ruined a project he was working on in the labs at the University of Buffalo, only to find he’d somehow invented the Pacemaker!

So what’s your happy little accident going to be? Well the world already has Slinky’s and Pacemakers. Who knows, you may have clicked on this site by accident and rather than hitting “back” on your browser decided to give it a read?

And good news; our servers are not hosted by Amazon!




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