You had your chance – Mr Zuckerberg took it.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook will turn 33 years old in May this year.

He is perhaps more responsible than anyone in the last 20 years for the internet revolution that has changed the world (for better or worse) and in the process has made (by some analysts estimates) over fifty billion (with a B) dollars.

You know where he would be if he was turning 43 or 23 this year? Me neither…

That’s all it takes to be on the right or wrong side of astronomical ground breaking change. Ten years one way or the other…

Let’s think about that for a second. If he had been born in 1974 instead of 1984 he’d have turned 20 in 1994 (the age he was when he created Facebook out of his dorm at Harvard University) so even if he’d had the idea for a “website” or even invented “social media” the infrastructure wouldn’t exist for at least another 8-10 years for anyone outside of a select few to enjoy his creations.

Now let’s pretend he was born in 1994. He’d have turned 20 in 2014. By then his would have been just another website no different to hundreds if not thousands offering something approaching what Facebook is today.

Zuckerberg had to be born in 1984. He had to create Facebook in 2004. That is why it was the success it was and is. 10 years, 120 months, 3560 days, 85440 hours or 5126400 minutes was all that stood between someone who’s net worth is higher than the GDP of several countries combined and Mark Zuckerberg the guy in tech support…

The same is true of many other historical figures. Dr Martin Luther King changed the world through his involvement in the civil rights movement. Even a year or two each side of those key dates in history and he’s a pastor from Atlanta, Georgia and you’ve never heard of him.

The same goes for products and services. The iPhone represented an epic shift in 2007 but if you pulled the same rabbit out of the same hat today it’d just be another phone. If eBay was launching tomorrow it would take less time than it takes you to press “Buy Now” to issue a cease and desist order!

So what’s my point you might very well ask? Well if you can’t change the last ten years of your life then all you can do is concentrate on the next 10. Mark Zuckerberg knew what the world of computers between 1994 and 2004 was like because he’d seen those years unfold. Dr King knew what he wanted the next ten years to be like because he’d lived through the last ten.

So what have the last 10 years been like for you? Well unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg reading this whilst taking a break from being the world’s 6th richest man, chances are there are things you’d change if you could. Like all of us, you probably regret some of the doors you’ve walked through and some you’ve walked past.

In many ways the next ten years are going to be the same as the last. We know there will be a couple of general elections, Apple will release a bunch of new phones and England will get to the semi-finals in something and then lose on penalties. Those are certainties. They all happened over the last decade and will happen again in the next…

What about you?

What happened to you in the last 10 years that’d you’d like to happen again?

What happened that you’d like to avoid if you can?

That girl or guy you never asked out only to see them walk off in to the sunset with someone else? That stock you didn’t pick up, that tooth whitener you didn’t try?

If you’re reading this and have any regrets about the last 10 years, 120 months, 3560 days, 85440 hours or 5126400 minutes then what can you do to make the next 10 years, 120 months, 3560 days, 85440 hours or 5126400 minutes better?

You are on my blog and that’s really great, I guess you’re looking for answers, but many of us don’t ask the right questions.








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